I admit it, I had become a lapsed Outlander fan.  I first became a fan of the Outlander series in 1997, about the time the Drums of Autumn was published.  I fell in love with the series and with Jamie, Claire, Brianna and Roger.  They became my friends and a part of my life.  Plus, at the time I was involved in an historical reenacting group for the Revolutionary War.  So it was exciting to read a series that would eventually cover the Revolutionary War.

After the publication of The Fiery Cross my life took a turn, I decided to have an adventure and take a job outside of the United States.  My life had a different focus and I was pretty busy with traveling and learning a new language.  When A Breath of Snow and Ashes came out it had been awhile since I had read the series and so I knew I would need to do a reread, but I just didn’t have the time.

Then one day this past March I ran across the news that an Outlander TV series was being made.  I was filled with incredible joy that it had finally happened.  And it gave me the inspiration I needed to do the big reread!

Thankfully I already owned all of the books in the series in multiple formats: print books, ebooks and audible so I was prepared.

What will follow will be my thoughts on the series as I read them, and other books set in the 18th Century.