The main reason I decided to start a blog is because I wanted to be able to share my thoughts about the books that I love to read.  This is mainly because of Diana Gabaldon’s A Breath of Snow and Ashes.  That book really took the series to yet another level of brilliance and depth.  I especially loved the character development of Roger Mac in ABOSAA.  The scenes where he realizes his calling to be a pastor and shares that calling with Jamie and Brianna are among the best.  I think this is partially because I see it as a way that Roger is really figuring out his place in the world, and not just the 18th century.  I also confess that it is partially because I am a person of faith and so I am particularly enjoying the discussions of religion in this book.  I love how DG is reveals Roger trying to come to terms with time travel as a part of God’s plan and predestination.  Speaking as one who comes from a Predestination background in the church but is now firmly on the Free Will, Wesleyan side of Protestantism, maybe adopting a Free Will position could help Roger out, aye?

But Roger’s revelation of his calling is a theme that is very prominent in the who Outlander series.  Claire talks about how she was called into medicine and had to become a doctor.  Jamie, obviously has a calling to be a leader of men, and takes up that role very often and without trying.  Brianna turns to mathematics and engineering after her mother leaves and takes up inventing all kinds of things in the 18th century.  Being called to a career or a purpose is important in all our lives.  It can define who we are and gives us a purpose for getting up each day in order to fulfill that calling.

I, for one, am very glad that Diana Gabaldon decided to follow her own calling to be an author.  I hope that you too will fulfill your calling.