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The Wood’s Edge is the first in a family drama historical series set before and during the American Revolution.  The author is telling the story of two families that are forever bound by a horrible act of kidnapping and how each family deals with the aftermath.  The main theme is forgiveness but it is not all neatly packaged at the end, as some elements of the story will continue on into the next book.

The story itself begins slowly, to establish the history of each family: one white colonist family and one native Oneida family. But as the story builds each character and each character is more well known the story gets richer.  The setting was interesting and well drawn, a place I was longing to visit by the end of the story.  There is some romance, which builds into the theme of forgiveness and acceptance.

The only weakness I saw was in the very beginning much of the story is told by a character outside of the family and I questioned why she was the POV character.  Other than that, it was a strong, well told story.

I think what I loved the most about the story is it did actually remind me a bit of Diana Gabaldon’s work.  While Benton is writing specifically in the Christian market, so it does not have the sexual content of Gabaldon’s books, it has the same feel of life on the Ridge.  Set on the frontier in New York, it is a place that I feel like I am visiting while I read and the characters are people I am enjoying spending time with.  It also covers the same time period as books 4-6 of Outlander, which I think of as the pre-Revolutionary trilogy within the series.

This was my first Lori Benton book, but it will not be my last. I actually first “met” Lori Benton online in the Diana Gabaldon Compuserve forum so I was excited to receive this book as a Goodreads give away and am giving my honest review.